"UCP has been instrumental in helping MyKaarma meet the device needs for our customers. They have worked with us to customize their fulfillment process to our needs. They are super responsive including training our employees to handle post deployment issues. I would work with them for all of our future device fulfillment needs."
Gaurav Sharma

"UCP’s extensive hardware and unattended market knowledge, makes them an important partner for Creditcall."
Dave Witts
President of US Payment Systems, Creditcall

"The team at UCP are very responsive and always on top of their game. Their knowledge of payment systems and hardware available for kiosks is the most comprehensive I’ve found. No matter the project, UCP will find a workable solution."
Ben Wheeler
RedyRef Interactive Kiosk

"UCP provides much needed expertise and service for our customers as they navigate the many options available for unattended and attended payment hardware solutions. Without fail, the UCP team can be relied upon for simplifying complexities such as payment hardware, processors, gateways, EMV regulations and more."
Laura Boniello Miller
Director of Marketing, KioWare Kiosk Software

"Our experience with UCP is unparalleled. The team takes a consultative approach to the purchasing process, which is rare in this business. We often don't know the data cables or device software injections that are required for a payment device to work with a specific integrated software. They are all incredibly competent and consult us through these decisions. We can be 100% confident that the device we purchase will work properly when it is installed at our customer's point of sale."
Shawn Wright
Director of Product Development, Gravity Payments

"The team at UCP was a huge help from our first phone call to their office. Help configuring device drivers, remote desktop support to update terminals, assisting in obtaining a merchant account, coordinating remote key injections, and dispatching a technician to our first install are just a few of the ways UCP went above and beyond. They were instrumental in getting our kiosk payment system up and running."
Herb Gilliland
Director of Software, Piecemaker Technologies Inc.

"It’s been a pleasure to work with UCP on all our EMV needs. Their staff are knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. If you’re in need of EMV hardware or just have questions about EMV migration, I highly recommend UCP."
Andrew Savala
CEO, RedSwimmer Inc.

"When we first began researching and eventually developing our software to be EMV compliant, the requirements were somewhat overwhelming. Thankfully during this time we were introduced to UCP. Product pricing has been very fair and availability/shipment  has never been an issue. The UCP team has continually provided top-notch technical support and assistance with any hardware and firmware issues that have arisen."
Mark Summers
Senior Developer, Information Resource Technology


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