The TEAMSable APT-40 is a pocket sized payment processing super-device full of features and value.  It has a compact footprint and is the prime choice for merchants looking for a lightweight, high-mobility and secure payment processing solution.

  • 4.5″ Mobile POS Payment Terminal
  • The Android operating system allows for use of certified apps for on-demand functionality
  • Allows for “swipe”, “dip”, or “tap” processing of cards 

Mobile Terminal Features
This device includes an extra durable 4.5” PCAP touchscreen, strong 1.2GHz Quad Core CPU and speedy 1G DDR3 RAM with larger 8GB local flash storage.

Connectivity Options
The MINI is packed with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Cellular and GPS connectivity

Card Reading Options
Integrated Magnetic Stripe and EMV chip readers

More useful features
The APT-40-Mini includes built-in NFC and Camera