Quest UT430

The UT430 unattended payment terminal provides a robust, secure, flexible and affordable option for payment acceptance 24/7 in almost any self-service application.

Offering EMV chip, contactless, NFC and magnetic stripe card acceptance with/without PIN entry in a single device, the UT430 suits a variety of applications including kiosks, transportation, pay-at-pump, vending and parking. Its market leading all-in-one compact design meets local and international payment security standards for both debit and credit card processing.

In conjunction with the Creditcall payment gateway service, the UT430’s onboard payment application can provide an unattended card acceptance solution for merchants across a wide range of North American payment processors.


  • All payment types – chip, contactless (including NFC) and magnetic stripe including cardholder verification with PIN
  • Compliance with PCI-PTS 3.x security requirements
  • All-in-one design reduces cost and complexity of field maintenance
  • Optional support for AVS (Address Verification Service) through Zip Code prompting
  • IP45 rated and built to withstand harsh conditions using weather resistant, UV rated and flame-retardant enclosure
  • Optional expansion capabilities for Ethernet and 3G communications, SAMs, receipt printer port and MDB interface
  • Easy integration with client applications and equipment either directly over RS232 or USB for proprietary non-PC based systems, or using Quest’s range of middleware integration solutions for Windows and Linux