Ingenico RP750x

Powering cloud-based chip & PIN mobile payment acceptance via Bluetooth.

  • Compliant with the latest industry standards (PCI PTS 3.1 with SRED, EMV Level 1 & 2 and Visa Ready)
  • Compatible with hundreds of smartphones and tablets
  • Familiar and trusted PIN-pad-like design, ensuring faster consumer adoption
  • White labeling options enabling custom-branding of the device
  • Remotely configurable, cloud-based architecture

Enabling EMV, chip & PIN, and contactless NFC transactions in one device, the RP750x delivers secure mPOS to merchants across multiple industries.


  • Accepts any card-based payment through a single device that incorporates a magnetic stripe reader (MSR), smart card reader (SCR)
    and NFC/contactless reader
  • Connects with iOS and Android™ mobile devices via Bluetooth
  • Option to custom-brand each device


  • Fully encrypted card reader ensuring cardholder data never enters the mobile device
  • Visa Ready, EMV Level 1 & 2 contact approved, EMV Level 1 contactless, and PCI PTS 3.1 SRED certified
  • Industry-proven technology developed by the world’s most trusted leaders in secure mobile payments


  • Compact form factor that’s only 18% bigger than a credit card
  • Ease of use through plug-and-play device connectivity with auto power on/off
  • Full feature set incorporating a backlit display and PIN pad with raised keys
  • Lightweight and portable, weighing less than 2.8 oz