EMV Test Card Pack

emv test card pack

EMV test card pack contains dual-interface cards for contact and contactless terminal integration testing. So you can evaluate your acceptance of contact and contactless EMV cards via all the processing paths. Dual-interface means that you can also use the same cards to test your regular chip terminal. UCP Inc. provide a pack of 2 cards containing Visa Debit/Discover Credit & US Debit and Contactless MasterCard DDA/CDA. The test cards should only be used in a Test/Training environment for basic transaction/ confidence testing and transaction purposes.


What Our EMV Test Cards can do for you;

  • Rapidly test your system for full end-to-end transaction performance and interoperability
  • Ensure system robustness by covering a wide range of exceptional transactions and card types
  • Enables typical chip card transactions through terminals to assist with system integration and hardware testing
  • Provide the right card profiles to your development team for any EMV contact or contactless requirement
  • Deploy EMV payments with confidence