Amp 8000

Future Proof your point of sale by accepting any type of payment, from swipe or dip to tap or scan, while engaging users with a simple touch interface and full video capabilities. Running on a powerful Android-based OS, the AMP 8000 is open to customization and innovation, providing a platform to integrate payment with external applications.  The 8000 has all the security and connectivity features of a traditional portable POS, with the latest payment technology acceptance like QR code scanning and support for virtual wallets.

  • Contactless
  • EMV – Level I and II
  • High Security
  • Touch Screen
Amp 8000

AMP 8000-2 OA, AMP 8000-2 AA, AMP 8000-2 AA Bundle, AMP 8000-DOCK-A, AMP 8000-GLOVE-W AMP 8000-SCP-T