Miura M007

A game changing payment device.

Retail today demands a more radical approach to processing card payment. From multi-lane retail to queue busting, traditional desktop to mPOS and SME payment environments. Miura once again blaze the payment trail with an all-in-one payment platform, a true game-changer.

Miura’s next generation creation, the M007, is the world’s most versatile, fully certified Chip and Pin device providing organizations of all sizes with an innovative card payment solution which optimizes their hardware investment to deliver both fixed and mobile payments in a single solution.


Secure and EMV Certified.

The M007 provides the ultimate in both security and performance. Unrivalled payment processing speeds are delivered through its ARM based processor alongside the powerful MSCLE™ operating system. It has PCI PTS 3.0 certification including SRED and open protocols, and can be certified as part of a point to point encryption (P2PE) solution, giving the high level of security today’s dynamic retail environments demand. The M007 is EMV Level 1 and 2 (contact and contactless) certified, enabling the delivery of essential cryptographic and key management processing requirements (DES, TDES, RSA, DUKPT). Finally, the M007 has the ability to be docked securely and locked physically by key, and features a unique software immobilizer which disables the device and activates an alarm upon unauthorized removal.


More than just a pin pad, the M007 delivers support for all the connectivity options required by today’s retail organizations, including USB and Bluetooth. In addition, the M007 includes

Software Development (SDK)

Developed on the proven Miura Linux secure platform, the Miura M007 is provided with an extensive SDK to allow partners the ability to develop their own applications quickly without the need for specialized development resource and the constraints of proprietary development languages. This allows our partners to develop new and innovative solutions for all aspects of retail payments and stay ahead of the game in delivering the next generation of retail payment.

Miura Payments Interface (MPI)

The M007 also runs the latest Miura Payments Interface (MPI) libraries which are designed to enable fast, secure transactions in both fixed and mobile environments and any existing investment made in developing applications for the Miura platform (Shuttle/M-Series) can easily be used with the new M007.

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